Why Choose Maxi Moving

Become more prepared and know what to expect by reading our “Frequently Asked Questions” page. This page consists from numerous questions our clients ask us from time to time. We are here to help you get prompt answers to questions. Please fill out our estimate form or give us a call to get in touch with one of our moving coordinators

Yes, we are licensed and insured and we comply with all DOT regulations.

Yes, our movers are employed with our company, some for over 10 years.

We do not, but recommend using www.sparefoot.com/?stid=329 for any of your storage needs. It is the cheapest, easiest and most convenient way to shop for a storage space.

Your list of items needs to be fairly accurate for a few reasons. Firstly, we don’t want to send a truck too big, as it is tougher to park, or a truck too small so that 2 trips would need to be made. Therefore, by providing an accurate list of items we will send a truck that is just the right size.

Additionally, we also need a proper list of items so we can estimate the time needed to complete your job and not be late to our next appointment. Please keep us in the loop if you end up having more things the day before. Just shoot us a quick email with an updated list. Do not forget to include a rough box count in your list.

There is no charge for hourly rated jobs, but there is a charge for flat-rate jobs. If you need to make an additional stop, you must notify us in advance and not during the move regarding an extra stop, as we run a tight schedule and reserve the right to decline the extra stop in lieu of not being late to the next job.

You cannot. All movers abide by the regulations of the Department of Transportation which state that no person other than the company’s official employees are allowed to be transported in the truck.

You do. We will not move furniture full with clothes. All dressers must be empty, and the contents need to be placed in boxes. We will then wrap that piece of furniture with moving blanket(s) and tape to protect it and keep the drawers in from sliding out. We may have to tilt the item to wheel it in the elevator or to maneuver it up the stairs. Having a super heavy dresser filled with clothes will just make it harder and more time consuming for us.

Generally, 5-7 days will suffice for mid-month appointments and 2 weeks for the end of the month. Sometimes we will have last minute spots available. Give us a call to find out.

Morning appointments start from 7AM-10AM (you can pick any time within that window), and require a one hour window for the movers to arrive. If you book us for 9 AM, expect your team to show up between 9-10AM.

All afternoon time slots start after 2 PM, and require a 3hr time frame for movers to get to your pick up address. This means that if you schedule us for 2PM, you can expect the movers to arrive at your pick up address anytime between 2PM-5PM. This 3-hour time frame serves as a cushion for traffic getting to you, as well as a delay caused by any unforeseen circumstances that took place at a previous job.

We accept only Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex, cash and certified or cashier’s checks. We do not accept personal or business checks.

Please note that if paying by credit card, the name of the credit card holder must be the same as the name on the moving receipt. For example, if your family member is paying for the move, the bill of lading (moving receipt) must be signed by that person. In addition to that, the person must be present at the drop off the address to sign the total bill.


The payment is collected at the drop-off address once three-quarters of the truck are unloaded into your new residence

We can provide a certificate of insurance for a majority of the buildings. Please note that no general form is faxed over to your building, and for us to produce a certificate of insurance (COI), the party who is asking for it must specify who they want listing as the “Certificate Holder” and “Additional Insured”. Please note that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to schedule the elevator with the building and find out about the building’s restrictions and elevator cut off times and notify us of any possible restrictions ahead of time. We typically need 48hrs to produce a certificate of insurance.

Gratuity is discretionary but is always appreciated.

– Mattress covers are complementary with every move
– Proper packaging of all TV’s, mirrors glass table tops
– Professional protection of furniture using moving blankets and tape.
– Disassembly and reassembly (for hourly rates)
– Dollies, hand trucks, door props, tools, truck
– Basic Mover’s Liability Insurance.
– Any size of a truck, 14-26FT.
– Sales tax

Moving boxes, tolls and parking meters are extra unless otherwise specified in your quote. We offer an array of moving boxes available for purchase from the truck on the day of the move. Please ask for a price list if you need any boxes.

We always try our best to find a legal spot for parking, even if it means parking a bit further from the entrance. If you need us to immeadiately park right next to the building illegally to save time, we will double park the truck, put it on a no-standing sign, or a hydrant. If you require us to park illegally, the cost of a parking ticket will be added to the bill.

If the truck is illegally parked, having your friend or a relative stay with the truck considerably reduces a chance of us getting a ticket, and if the traffic enforcement comes, the person by the truck can tell them that we’ll move the truck right away. If the traffic enforcement sees someone in the truck, most of the time they will just walk by.

We do. We offer full packing service with or without the supply of moving boxes.

We are, however, since every move is expected to take a certain amount of time, you have to notify us that you may require such service at least 12hrs in advance because we do not like running late to the next job.

We dismount TVs at a $25 charge per unit but do not mount them back. The ACs we can dismount from the window alond with the mount (if applicable) for an additional fee of $15.00 We can also take off and reinstall most entry doors.

Having things in boxes will speed things up, as we usually use dollies to wheel the items to the truck, and you can place 6-8 boxes on each dolly. Putting your belongings in bags will slow us down as bags to be carried by hand and which is less time efficient. While having a up to 5 bags filled with linens and bedding is acceptable, all of your clothing and personal belongings is preferred to be in boxes, bins or suitcases.

Yes, if all there is to it is nuts and bolts, but most of the time, if the couch won’t fit, we will take the staples out, upholstery off and break down the frame. Assembly is produced in reverse order. There is an additional fee to get this done. If your sofa does not fit, give us a call for a quote.

We can move most of the things imaginable including pianos. With years of experience, there is little we haven’t yet moved. We specialize in moving upright, baby grand, and concert grand pianos and possess all of the necessary equipment for this task.

1) Post an ad in the Free for sale section of Craigslist. Someone will likely even pick it up from you.
2) Contact Goodwill or Salvation Army. They also give a tax deductible receipt.
3) Consult with your building management and ask if there is a designated site for clients to leave the things they do not need.
4) Have Maxi Moving haul away the garbage to the dumpster. Please note, that we can only dispose of your household goods. We don’t remove construction rubbish, etc.