Coverage of items. Your move comes with FREE basic liability valuation which is 0.30 cents per lb, per article on hourly and 0.60 cents per lb, per article on flat rate moves. If you require higher limits of coverage, it can be obtained from Select Maxi Moving as your carrier when on the website.

Accepted methods of payment. We accept only Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex, cash, and certified or cashier’s checks. There is a 5% discount for cash. We do not accept personal or business checks. Please note that if paying by credit card, the name of the credit card holder must be the same as the name on the moving receipt. For example, if your family member is paying for the move, the bill of lading (moving receipt) must be signed by that person either at the pick-up or drop off address. Please let us know if that is not possible ahead of time and we’ll email an authorization form.

When is the payment collected? The payment is collected at the drop-off address once three-quarters of the truck are unloaded into your new residence, about 15 minutes prior to completion of the move.

Building insurance (COI): If your building requires a certificate of insurance (COI), to expedite the process, please find out their requirements and forward them to or fax to 347 657 9642. Specifically, we need to know who is the “certificate holder” and “additional insured” Certificate of insurance is not a general form. It needs to be produced and has to include the information provided by your building. If you are having trouble getting the COI requirements, you can just share the phone number of the management company and we’ll give them a call. You can copy-paste the wording below to your building management.

“My moving company is asking for requirements for the certificate of insurance. They need to know who to list as the certificate holder and additional insured. Please provide the requirements or a sample for the COI.”

If your building requires floor protection, there is an $85 charged and this has to be communicated to us ahead of time

Accurate list of items: Please make sure that the list of items you provide is accurate. This is needed so we can provide an accurate quote, assign an appropriate size of a truck, the number of men, be as prepared as possible for your job, and not be late to our other moves.

Items moving to storage: As a measure of protection of your belongings, we use moving pads, TV boxes, and other materials to safely transport the items. Once we are done with the move, we take everything back with us except mattress wraps. If you are moving to a storage facility and would like the items to remain wrapped, please consult your representative for permanent wrapping options.

Truck loading only moves: If you are moving out of state and are driving your own truck that you only need us to load, please rent moving pads and 3 straps from the truck rental company. We will use your rented pads in combination with our plastic wrap and tape which we do not charge for.

Can I ride in the truck with the movers? You cannot. All movers abide by the regulations of the department of transportation which state that no person other than the company’s employees are allowed to ride in the truck.

Is there a charge to make an extra stop? There is no charge for hourly rated jobs, but there is a charge for flat-rate jobs. If you need to make an additional stop, you must notify us in advance and not during the move, as we run a tight schedule and reserve the right to decline the extra stop in lieu of not being late to the next job.

Do I have to take the things out of the dressers, file cabinets, desks, etc? Unless you choose a full packing service where we supply and pack your boxes, you do. All furniture items must be empty. We will then wrap that piece of furniture with a moving pad and tape to protect it and keep the drawers from sliding out. We may have to tilt the item to wheel it into the elevator or to maneuver it up the stairs. We will not move any furniture with personal belongings still inside. Having a super heavy dresser filled with clothes is a recipe for injuries, damages to the furniture, and property.

Do appliances have to be disconnected? If you have any stoves, washers, dryers or refrigerators that are hooked up to the water/gas lines, they must be disconnected prior to us moving them. Due to state and liability regulations, we do not disconnect water and gas lines.

Do movers need to be tipped? The quote does not include gratuity for your movers. The recommended tip is 10-20%, but it is up to your discretion as each person tips what they think is right and/or can afford.

Handling of Murphy beds/ IKEA PAX closets, wardrobes, custom shelving, etc: Please let us know in advance if you have any such items. They come in different shapes, sizes, and forms, so we need to know what we are dealing with before we come to your job so that we can bring proper equipment and tools to safely handle such item(s).

Dismounting of TVs, ACs, Whiteboards, Doors, Rails, etc. Unless specified that this included, it is $25 to dismount a TV from the wall, $15 to dismount the AC from the window and $30 to remove a whiteboard from the wall. We do not remount any of the items mentioned. If an item does not fit and we have to remove a spring-loaded entry door, it is $50 total to remove it and install it back and $25 to remove and reinstall a regular room door.

Elevator times and start times: If your building has restrictions, please communicate that to us prior to the move. We can always plan ahead for these sorts of things to avoid stress as long as they are communicated.

Arrival time frames and afternoon arrival: All morning jobs require a 1-hour time frame for arrival. This means that if you schedule our service for 9 AM, you can expect your team to show up at your doorstep anytime between 9-10AM. This time frame serves as a cushion for any unforeseen circumstances or in case there is traffic, etc. All afternoon moves require a 3-hour arrival window. This means that if you book your appointment with an arrival window of 2-5PM, the team might actually show up as late as 5 PM if the previous job took more time to finish or there were issues with the previous move outside of our control. Please do not book our service for 2-5PM arrival if you have a strict 5 PM cut off time at the drop off address, as there is a possibility of the team arriving at the end of the 2-5PM window.

Can I put my things in garbage bags? Having things in boxes will speed things up, as we usually use dollies to wheel the items to the truck, and you can place 6-8 boxes on each dolly. Putting your belongings in bags will slow us down, as bags have to be carried by hand which is less time-efficient. While having up to 5 bags filled with linens and bedding is accepted, all of your clothing and personal belongings are expected to be in boxes, bins, or suitcases.

How heavy do the boxes have to be? The rule of thumb is about 50 lbs or if you can lift it, we can lift it. Please don’t fill large boxes with books or heavy objects where it would require 2 men to lift the box.

Can you take apart my couch? Yes, if all there is to it is nuts and bolts, but most of the time, if the couch won’t fit, we will take the staples out, upholstery off and break down the frame. Assembly is produced in reverse order. There is an additional fee to get this done. If your sofa does not fit, give us a call for a quote.

Do Your move pianos? We can move most of the things imaginable including pianos. With years of experience, there is little we haven’t yet moved. We specialize in moving upright, baby grand, and concert grand pianos and possess all of the necessary equipment for this task. Please let us know in advance if you are moving a piano.

How can I get rid of my old furniture or things I don’t need?

1) Post an ad in the Free for sale section of Craigslist. Someone will likely even pick it up from you.

2) Contact Goodwill or Salvation Army. They also give a tax-deductible receipt.

3) Consult with your building management and ask if there is a designated site for clients to leave the things they do not need.

4) Have Maxi Moving haul away the garbage to the dumpster. Please note, that we can only dispose of household goods.